Cephalexin Capsules

Cephalexin Capsules

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Cephalexin Capsules Manufacturers – This capsule helps in treating an extensive variety of bacterial infections. This capsule works by limiting the bacterial growth in our bodies. But this capsule will not be able to work against viral infections such as flu & the common cold. Moreover, if you’ll misuse it or use it unnecessarily, it may decrease its effectiveness. Thus, you need to keep a lot of things while taking it.

You can take this capsule directly by mouth as prescribed by your doctor usually after every 6 – 12 hours with or without food. The dosage of this capsule depends on your weight, medical condition, and your body’s response to the treatment. But in children, the dosage depends on their weight as well. Furthermore, to get the maximum effects, you should take this capsule at equally spaced intervals.

Precautions to Follow While Using Cephalexin Capsules

Before using Cephalexin Capsules, tell your doctor if you are allergic to any ingredient that is used to make this capsule. Apart from this, you should also inform your doctor if you are allergic to penicillins, cephalosporins, cefpodoxime, etc. This capsule also holds active ingredients which may cause allergic reactions or any other problem. Additionally, you should also tell your doctor if you have a medical history of kidney disease, liver disease, intestinal disease, etc.

This capsule may also cause the live bacterial vaccine to some people such as Typhoid Vaccine to not work well. Furthermore, you should also not have any immunization or vaccination while taking these capsules until & unless your doctor asks you to do so. Moreover, you should also inform your doctor before any type of surgery if you are taking these capsules.

Interactions of Cephalexin Capsules

Drug Interaction may change the way your medicine works and may even increase the risk of major side effects. This unit may not include all the drug interactions but include the major ones.

  • First of all, you should have a list of medications you are taking at all times and share it with your doctor when at the right time.
  • Secondly, you shouldn’t start, change or stop any pharma medication without taking clear approval from your doctor.
  • Moreover, these medications may also interfere with specific lab tests like Coombs’ Test & Glucose Test. It may cause false results.
  • You should also endure that every doctor & personnel knows that you are using this drug.

Wrapping Up

Cephalexin Capsules is a highly beneficial medication that treats & cures bacterial infections. This capsule limits the growth of bacteria in our bodies and eliminates them. But one thing you need to note is that it is ineffective against viral infections like flu & cold. Moreover, you should also not misuse it or use it unnecessarily as it may lose its effectiveness. Moreover, you should also inform your doctor if you are allergic to any ingredient of this drug or any other drug as it may cause some type of side effect in your body.

Additionally, you should also inform him about your medical history as it also plays an important role in deciding the dose that you need to take. Apart from this, Cephalexin Capsules may also interact with other drugs so to avoid that, you need to tell your doctor if you are already taking any drug. Moreover, you should also never start, change, or end any pharma drug without consulting it with your doctor as it may cause serious side effects.

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