Vitamin D3 60000 I.U Sachet

Vitamin D3 60000 I.U Sachet

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Vitamin D3 60000 I.U Sachet Manufacturers – Our Vitamin D3 (also known as Cholecalciferol) Sachet is a Vitamin Supplement. This supplement fulfills the deficiency of Vitamin D3 in our body. Moreover, it’s a great immunity booster that also helps in losing weight and strengthening bones & muscles. In addition to this, it also helps in improving the functions of the heart. This proves the efficiency and the no. of benefits it is providing. Thus, if you want to avail the best quality Vitamin D3 Sachets, contact us. As we are the leading Vitamin D3 60000 I.U Sachet Manufacturers in India.

What It Is?

If you will use Sunscreen regularly, you will not receive an adequate amount of sun exposure & darker skin pigmentation. As a result, you will not get the required amount of Vitamin D. After all, certain food carries the nutrients naturally and for them, food supplements may prove to be a great option. If you would like to elevate the level of Vitamin D3 in your body, you can also include specific food items in your body. Here are some of the food items that are rich in Vitamin D3:

Food IU Per Serving % RDA*
Butter 9 IU / Tablespoon 1 Percent
Cereal 80 IU / Tablespoon 10 Percent
Cheese 12 IU / Tablespoon 2 Percent
Cod Liver Oil 1,360 IU / Tablespoon 170 Percent
Egg Yolks 44 IU / Tablespoon 6 Percent
Fresh Salmon 570 IU / Tablespoon 71 Percent
Halibut 384 IU / Tablespoon 48 Percent
Mackerel 360 IU / Tablespoon 45 Percent
Fortified Milk 120 IU / Tablespoon 15 Percent
Sardines 46 IU / Tablespoon 6 Percent

Health Benefits of Our Vitamin D3 60000 I.U Sachet

Vitamin D3 has a lot of health benefits to offer such as strengthening the bones & muscles, boosting immunity, losing weight, improves heart functions, etc.


Vitamin D3 is well-known to strengthen the bones as well as muscles. Furthermore, it helps the small intestine to absorb calcium. If your body doesn’t have enough Vitamin D3 in your body, your bones will become weak due to a lack of calcium.


As per some researches, Vitamin D3 also helps in protecting us from acute respiratory infections & pneumonia. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, it has also been noticed that the lack of Vitamin D3 may result in infection as well as severe illness.

Heart Health

According to some studies, individuals that are obese and have high blood pressure may have a lower level of Vitamin D levels. The same studies have also suggested that Vitamin D3 can effectively lower the level of Blood Pressure.

Weight Loss

In a study, Post-Menopausal Women were given the Vitamin D3 Sachet for a weight loss interposition. On the other side, some women were given the supplements of Placebo. The outcome of that study was that the women who had enough amount of Vitamin D3 lost their body fat more efficiently.

Wrapping Up

Vitamin D3 is an important part of our daily diet plan. It is very crucial for the development and the functioning of the body organs. Due to this, you should always try to take in a sufficient amount of Vitamin D3 every day. Firstly, you should try to eat such food items through which you can fulfill your requirement for Vitamin D3. But if the food cannot fulfill your requirement, then you should opt for the supplements.

If you are unsure if you have enough Vitamin D3 Serum or not, talk to your doctor who will then perform a blood test. Talking about all other vitamins & nutrients, you should always first try to fulfill the requirements by everyday meal plans. If you’ll need more supplements, we are present here for your service.

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